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Chlorine Generators: Alternative Pool Sanitizing Solutions

Never buy, handle or spill chlorine again!

If you would like to enjoy your pool rather than maintain it, then a chlorine generator is for you. Never again will your pool have odors from harsh chlorine products. Never lug chlorine jugs or buckets in your car or worry about storing them again. Because a constant low chlorine level does not cause large fluctuations in chlorination (over-chlorination and under-chlorination), you drastically reduce the need to monitor, purchase, or add other balancing and maintenance chemicals.

  • Simple to use
  • No more red eyes
  • No more itchy skin
  • No more faded swimwear
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Automatic cell cleaning
  • No more green hair
  • No more vacation worries
  • Energy efficient
  • Soft, silky feeling water

Chlorine Production Cycle:
Here is a diagram that shows the production cycle of a chlorine generator.

Through a process called electrolysis, chlorine generators produce chlorine constantly (when the pump is running) from salt added directly to your swimming pool. This keeps a residual of chlorine in the pool that prevents algae and bacteria from growing. The Salt Chlorine Generator is installed on the return side of the filter system after your heater.

We stock major brands of chlorine generators for a variety of budgets. Come down to the store to find out which generator is best for your swimming pool.

Eco-Matic Chlorine Generators

Simplify your life and get back to nature with an ECO-matic salt water sanitation system. Enjoy naturally clean, sparkling pool water with the convenience, reliability and simplicity of ECO-matic.

Eco-Matic Chlorine Generators


  • Large, easy to read digital display and LED indicators
  • Strong and durable, UV stabilized controller enclosure
  • Hinged door protects control panel from the elements
  • Clear cell enclosure for easy maintenance
  • High flow cells designed for simple replacement and rapid pool water turnover



  • Environmentally friendly pool water sanitizing system – uses only natural salt
  • Efficient & economical system – low power consumption
  • Produces sparkling clear, safe pool water –no odors or irritation to eyes and skin
  • Low maintenance, convenient, automated unit
  • User-friendly controls – simple to set and operate
  • Easy to read indicators

Aquarite Chlorine Generators by Hayward

The Aqua Rite™ is the easiest way for you to sanitize your pool, and keep your pool crystal clear and silky smooth! The Aqua Rite™ uses common salt (the same salt used in water conditioners) and converts it into "free" chlorine. The chlorine sanitizes your pool and then reverts back into salt. That's right, the salt is recycled and never wears out. With only a teaspoon of salt per gallon, the Aqua Rite™ produces enough fresh chlorine (up to 1.45 lb per day) to keep a 40,000-gallon pool sparkling clean without the chlorine smell. You'll never again have to worry about red irritated eyes, dry itchy skin, bleached bathing suits or green hair! With an Aqua Rite™ there is no more buying, mixing or storing chlorine, and think of the money you'll save. In 2004, over 40% of all new in-ground pools in the US use this technology to sanitize the pool.

  • Soft, Crystal Clear, Luxurious Water
  • No more hassles buying, storing, measuring chlorine.
  • For any pool up to 40,000 gallons
  • Digital display of salt level and diagnostic info plus 8 LED status indicators.
  • Easy to use dial adjustment to generate more or less chlorine.
  • "Super Chlorinate" mode