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Mike's Tips: Come down to get ready for the season!



Pool and spa care is pretty easy, but there are some tricks! Our senior manager Mike Besso knows them all...


  1. Pool Start Up Shocking -- Before starting up the swimming pool filter system after a long winter, you should shock the pool water with ten times the normal dose of liquid shock. Do this without the filter running or if you have a multiport valve you can run on the recirculate setting.
  2. Season's First Water Test -- Run filter 48 - 72 hours straight before you bring your water sample to our store for proper balancing. Water sample should be taken approximately 12- 18" below surface.
  3. Filter Inspection -- When opening a pool with a cartridge or a Diatomaceous earth filter you should disassemble the filter to make sure the cartridge or grids are clean and not torn in any way. If the grids have a hole in them they will not filter properly. Also, ask us about SilKleer®, the alternative to Diatomaceous Earth. SilKleer® is biodegradable and contains no carcinogens.
  4. Nature 2 Cartridge Change -- Once the pool is balanced, you should replace your Nature 2 cartridge for the new season. If you do not have one, come on in and we can explain how easy they are to install, use and save you money.
  5. Chlorine Generators -- The hottest new products are chlorine generators.  Produce your own chlorine, no handling or storing or chlorine products.
  6. Open Pools With Mesh Cover Early -- If your pool cover is mesh, opening the pool early (late April, early May) will prevent an algae bloom. If this is not practical, pouring 3-4 gallons of liquid shock under the cover may help to keep the algae at bay.
  7. Save that Water! -- If your pool cover is solid, rather that pumping the accumulated water to waste, add 1 gallon of liquid shock to water on cover and pump water under the pool cover. This will save water and help to "float" the cover off. Make sure all the debris and water is removed from the cover before trying to remove the cover. Even small puddles can weigh hundreds of pounds.


  1. Changing Spa Water -- Remember, when changing water in your hot tub make sure that the circuit breaker is shut off before emptying and removing the cartridges.
  2. Clean Pipes BEFORE Draining Spa -- Before draining your hot tub, to maximize pipe cleaning, use "JET CLEAN®" to clean what you don't see. Pour 150ml of "Jet Clean®" directly into tub and circulate water for 10 minutes. Drain tub & rinse with clean water. This product is not compatible with Biguanide chemicals.
  3. Purify Naturally -- To reduce chlorine and bromine use, try a Nature 2 Mineral Purifier®. The Nature 2 Mineral Purifier ® helps to reduce the sanitizer level (which saves you money), eliminates chemical odors, scum lines and lasts up to four months. This product is compatible with Chlorine, Bromine, and ozone. This product is not compatible with Biguanide products.
  4. Rotate Cartridges -- I recommend keeping a spare cartridge so that you can rotate them. When cleaning cartridges, there are two options available: Instant Cartridge Cleaner® and Overnight Filter Clean®.
  5. Cleaning Spa Covers -- Spa covers should be protected with "Cover Care & Conditioner"®, which cleans and shines the cover, and all vinyl surfaces, and also adds UV protection to prevent fading. This should be done every time the tub is drained.