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" With Central Pools what we wanted was always most important. There was never a time that Central Pools said we cannot do that for you. It was always lets figure out a way to make this the way you want. With Central Pools it was always here are the pros and cons, what if we try something this way or that way. To this day, friends come over and say this is the nicest pool they have ever seen! "

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Vinyl Liner Replacement:

Now Add Wedding Cake Style Steps to Your Existing Pool!

Central Pools is a Massachusetts vinyl liner pool contractor that specializes in in-ground vinyl liner replacements offering over 30 different liner patterns from Premier and Loop-Loc.  These vinyl liners are designed to be able to withstand harsh weather and strong ultraviolet rays. Each liner is manufactured custom to your swimming pool ensuring a perfect fit. Now, you don't just have to replace your can also add steps! We offer a number of vinyl covered step options.

  • Our liners are available with upgraded 27mil strength
  • All vinyl liners come standard with non-skid texture on steps and benches that matches the liner pattern
  • Ultra-Seam technology allows vitually no visible seams on your pool floor
  • Our swimming pool vinyl liners are specially treated with fugicide to inhibit algea and bacteria growth

Vinyl Liner Colors & Patterns:

Click the vinyl liner samples below for enlarged view of liner patterns

Vinyl Liner Patterns


Pool Steps for Vinyl Liner Pools

Need to add or replace a set of steps?
Have us install a wedding cake style step...

  • Adds form an functionality to old and new pools
  • Raised tread pattern for slip resistant finish
  • Totally non-corrosive, non-abrasive
  • Fits all vinyl liner pools - polymer, steel, wood, concrete, and fiberglass
  • 25-year warranty

Pool steps are available in 8 models

  • 180° straight
  • 90° corner
  • 8’ 6”
  • 9'
  • 10'
  • 11'
  • 6" radius cover
  • 2' radius cover

Vinyl Liner Replacement Process:

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