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" With Central Pools what we wanted was always most important. There was never a time that Central Pools said we cannot do that for you. It was always lets figure out a way to make this the way you want. With Central Pools it was always here are the pros and cons, what if we try something this way or that way. To this day, friends come over and say this is the nicest pool they have ever seen! "

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Pool Decking and Coping:

Pool Decking Options:

  • Broom Finished Concrete
  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete
  • Techo-Bloc Pavers
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Bluestone
  • and more!

Exposed Aggregate Examples:


Rainbow with Sea Glass

Roan River


Oklahoma Rainbow

Prairie Sand


Washington Natural


Techo-Bloc Paver Examples:

Trias - Shale Grey

Athena - Sandlewood
Techo Bloc - Aberdeen
Aberdeen - Azzurro

Mista - Chestnut Brown

Parisien - Shale Grey

Blu - Mojave Beige

Elena - Champlain Grey

Hera - Sandlewood

Monticello - Harvest Brown


Pool Coping Options:

  • Receptor Coping
  • Cantilever Coping
  • Cantilever Band Coping

Receptor Coping

Cantilever Coping

Cantilever Band with Pavers

Bullnose Coping

Cantilever Coping

Cantilever Band with Pavers

Cantilever Band with Pavers

Bluestone Coping

Wetcast Paver Coping