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" With Central Pools what we wanted was always most important. There was never a time that Central Pools said we cannot do that for you. It was always lets figure out a way to make this the way you want. With Central Pools it was always here are the pros and cons, what if we try something this way or that way. To this day, friends come over and say this is the nicest pool they have ever seen! "

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Bulk Liquid Chlorine and Chemical Delivery: Call to schedule for Spring!

Our service department specializes in liquid chlorine delivery to virtually any location in eastern and central MA. Delivering liquid chlorine to commercial swimming pool facilities ranging from summer camps, health clubs, YMCA’s, universities, municipal water and sewerage plants.  All of our drivers are commercially licensed to transport liquids and hazardous materials. The trucks are 27 foot long ten-wheelers which allow the trucks to fit into tight access areas. We deliver in quantities from 50- 2400 gallons and are able to pump a distance of 200 feet.

We also deliver and carry a full line of swimming pool chemicals and testing reagents.

Our chemical line includes:

  • Portable chlorine and acid containers from 5-15 gallons
  • Water balance chemicals ( liquid and dry)
  • Sanitizers
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Specialty chemicals
  • Filter media
  • Test Supply kits and reagents